Brain Storming Sheet 23rd September 24, 2015

GWL – Ripples on the Pond
Brain Storming Sheet 23rd September 24, 2015


1) Goma will have films on in the Gallery showing 3mins/10mins all about the art & artist .
2) Will have longer 10 mins film available – could be more conversation and interlude film makers
3) 2nd Camera is all about cut – always and establishing location.
4) More about locations & relationships between location & artist.
5) Adds a setting.
6) Film researchers discussions.


1) Light sources.
2) Visually interesting backdrop.
3) Connected to artist.
4) Something that has appeared in artwork.
5) Library as it was integral to the work
6) Test shots.


1) 1st camera – on interview
2) 2nd camera – on cutaways /location settings
3) Sound
4) Interview – artiest liason & interview
5) Direction – bigger picture
Meeting objectives
6) Researcher
All above can be doubled up.

Interview Questions:

1) Warm up questions – 10 mins
2) Interviewer takes responsibility for warm up as other is setting up equipment.
3) Should our voices appear in the film – do we do a test?
4) Get artist to repeat question in answer if necessary.

Questions put to artist (Helen)

1) What drew you to Spare Ribs – what’s the relevance of focusing on the Jan edition of each mag.
2) What affect did Spare Rib have culturally?
3) How did you feel about the text from your work being used to title the exhibition?
Next questions had circle around them?

1) Did you have any political motive in your work?
2) How do you feel about being described as a female artist?
3) What did you have in mind when you picked the colour scheme?
4) Which other pieces of art from the exhibition affected you personally.
5) Why were you drawn to those particular pieces of text?
6) What’s the relevance of GWL to your work?

Call Sheet:

1) Comprehensive list of equipment.
2) Battery Life
3) Memory Cards
4) End of shoot checklist.
5) Release Forms.
6) Health & Safety (bassets jelly babies)


Katie Bruce: curators talk

Katie bruce

Katie Bruce, curator at GOMA was kind enough to give us a guided tour of the Ripples on the Pond exhibition at GOMA. She offered many insights into the thinking behind the exhibition. We saw how certain works related to each other in terms of concept and process, affecting their position within the exhibition. It was also made clear how the newly acquired 21 Revolutions pieces opened up a conversation with existing works in the GOMA collection.

Here’s the audio recording of the tour:

Katie Bruce, GOMA Curator




Links to artists interviews on film

Helen showed us some clips of artists being interviewed about their works. We had a discussion about the types of films people have made about artists – showing them at work making prints with a voice over or interviewed in their private studio whilst the camera looked at their work at objects. Here are the links to the films: